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Josh Neal Roofing & Restoration is a residential roof contractor that is ready and able to provide our clients with premium roofing that will last for years to come. With repairs, installations, replacements, and assistance with storm damages you’re covered in all aspects of residential roofing. Rely on our skilled team as your residential roofer in Madison, MS. Give us a call at (601) 573-1364 to get started.

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The most durable types of roofing systems are considered to be slate and metal roofing materials. Both are able to have 50 plus year roof life with minimal maintenance throughout the years due to their more durable advantages. They hold more protection against inclement weather and wear in comparison to standard roofing materials.

Roof Installations

When you’re looking for a fresh new roof, we have the materials to provide not only an attractive look to your property but ample protection as well. We have a range of roofing materials to choose from asphalt shingles to metal roofing so that you can get matched with the level of protection you require. We’ll work with your property specifications and your personal preferences so you’ll have secure installations. It’s important to have your roof installation conducted by a certified and trained residential roof company in order to avoid problems down the line from improper work. Count on our team for great results with your new roof.

Storm Damages

Storms can come at unexpected times and wreak havoc on a roofing system. With hail impacts or wind-blown debris, you’re looking at cosmetic surface damages that can alter the look and integrity of your roofing systems. Especially with cracks and punctures, you are potentially exposing your roofing underlayment to moisture and rain which can ultimately cause roof leaks and other roofing problems. It’s therefore important to have your roof inspected after a particularly harsh storm in order to catch problems in their beginning stages. Oftentimes with a roof, issues are hidden or neglected until problem signs arise and extensive repairs or replacements are needed. Don’t get your roof into unnecessary trouble and keep up to date with property changes with the elements.

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Roof Repair & Replacements

Our team has the skills and experience in handling a number of roofing problems. No matter if the issue is big or small you can expect to have your roof back into stable condition with our services. A roof inspection will be conducted to gauge the level of damages that have developed with your roof. You can expect honesty and integrity with any condition of your roof with the same level of professionalism and pristine work conducted.

Roof Insurance Claims Help

After your roof has incurred certain damages, it’s typically recommended to contact your insurance provider to file a claim so that the costs of repairs can be covered. As this can be a tricky area to handle, our team of experts offers their assistance in filing a claim so that you can have a smoother process of communication. We’ll act as mediators for your case and provide all the necessary paperwork and supporting evidence for your cause. We strive to make sure that you get the results that you deserve when it comes to roof repairs or replacements. Contact our team soon to learn more about this service. Rely on us as your residential roofer in Madison, MS.

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