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Standing Seam Metal Roof Installation in Madison, MS


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Josh Neal Roofing & Restoration offers the attractive metal roofing look of standing seam. Have your property stand out from the rest with this premium roofing system. Our professionals will be able to provide you with durable standing seam metal roof installation in Madison, MS. Give us a call at (601) 573-1364 to learn more.

A standing seam metal roof will have increased durability and thickness due to being panel shaped instead of shingle cut. They have upright connections and lock together with hidden fasteners which also increases their strength. Finally, the increased benefits of metal materials and the ability to be customized to a property make them a more premium roofing choice.

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Repairs and Replacements

If you’re having issues with your roof and require standing seam metal roof repair or standing seam metal roof replacement, then contact our team for assistance. We’ll be able to properly gauge the level of damages to determine which course of action is best for your metal roof. Rest assured, proper fasteners, profiles, sizing, and shape will be matched to your existing roof structure to the best of our ability. For increased protection, consider a metal roof coating for your roof.

Metal Roof Coating

Add a layer of protection against the sun and weather with a metal roof coating.

What is Standing Seam?

A standing seam metal roof is a metal panel system that has vertical legs or raised seams that rise above the level of the panel’s flat area. The system is known for its hidden fasteners which are directly fastened to the decking material under the vertical leg by using a fastener flange. Standing seam metal systems can be used for roofing or metal walls. They can be made of various metal materials and will be sized and profiled according to property specifications and preferences.

You may be able to choose from snap lock, mechanical seams, batten panel, and fastener flange profiles which feature different leg connections and looks. You may also choose from different striations or stiffening ribs, i.e. the raised legs or seams. Styles include v-ribs, striated, bead ribs, flat, pencil ribs, and clip relief. The seam heights and panel widths can differ according to the choice you go with. Ultimately, it’s best to get into contact with a professional roofer for guidance about what details will work with your particular property.

When you’re needing assistance with getting a standing seam metal roof installation in Madison, MS contact our trained and certified team today.


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